City Visions – Laura Fantini and Jeff Faerber

The Object Image Gallery is pleased to announce a two person show “City Visions”, of the work of Laura Fantini and Jeff Faerber “Although both artists are not originally from New York,” according to Bob Weiss gallery director, “their work captures unique aspects of the city that might be overlooked by native New Yorkers. In the eyes of these two talented artists the city becomes fresh and new.”

The Italian-born artist Laura Fantini, is mostly renowned for her detailed and hyper-realistic colored pencils still-lifes particularly flowers, leaves and seeds. This exhibition showcases her new luminous urban landscapes: highly theatrical compositions with dramatic lighting. They are still – not frozen – and loaded with life. The cityscapes display a highly trained craftsmanship combined with a great sense of modernity in portraying the actual surroundings. The Bologna’s cityscapes allowed the artist to acquire a deep understanding on how to represent the architecture of Park Slope and Brooklyn through the colorful buildings, seasons, stoops, signs, graffiti, etc. The technique, colored pencils and gauche on cardboard, results into the most dramatic effect and makes her townhouses’ close-ups appear almost real.

“Laura Fantini believes in the synergy between hearing and visual reception, between images and words. She knows how to capture, with distinctive traits, the identities of visual diversity without neglecting any detail, certainly useful to get rid of any ambiguity of meaning, while she tends, at the same time, to determine, with a descriptive and suggestive research, the peculiarities of the pictorial creation, giving life to a project of composition, a truthful crossbreed of limitless figurations and meanings.” (F. Falsetti, art critic)

Laura Fantini was born in Bologna, Italy and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of her hometown, where she developed as an artist while being exposed to the city’s cultural environment. Fantini’s art has been exhibited internationally and has been widely published and documented. She currently lives and works between Bologna and New York.

Jeff Faerber grew up in California and studied art at San Jose State University and the School of Visual Arts in New York. His art has appeared in magazines, books, CDs, and websites. He has shown throughout the United States. His painterly depictions of New York are a skilled wedding of subject and technique. Faerber’s views of Coney Island document what
is a fast changing icon of the city.

There will be a reception with the artists on March 7, 2009 at 2PM.

For more information visit,

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