CPSA Explore This! 8

I am happy that one of my artworks has been selected for the CPSA Explore This! 8
The exhibition, selected by juror Jane Allen Nodine, begins February 1st and will be online for a full year.


This is the list of accepted artists. You can also see the list and artworks at the cpsa.org website

Sue deLearie Adair, Death to Chocolate, NY
Nancy Allen, A Roll in the Snow, OR
Rhonda Anderson, El Jardin Hermoso, CA
Adrienne Anderson-Smith, Where to Turn?, WA
Lynn Armstrong, Work In Progress, WA
Keith Artz, CPX, Tuscan Knockers, WA
Helen Bailey, Mustang Motherhood, TX
Travis Bailey, Daniel and the Lions, MO
Carole Bardes, Tutti Frutti, FL
Rex Barron, Dance, NM
Sarah Becktel, You’ll Find Me by the Sea, NJ
Yvonne Bonacci, Good Luck, CA
Pamela Burroughs, Kelli’s social whirl, IN
J.Y. Chang, Summer Reflections, CA
Dorothy DePaulo, Flowering Cactus, CO
Leslie Evans, CPSA, Beguiled: Phyllium Bioculatum Nymph And Admirers, TX
Elliott Everson, CPSA, Fast Food, AZ
Laura Fantini, Precious, NY
Tanja Gant, Kati, TX
Merri Hanson, Beetle Invasion, TX
Linda Lucas Hardy, CPSA, Sweet Seduction, TX
Matthew Harwood, Grace, VA
Richard Helmick, Land Escape, OR
Denise Howard, Standing Out in the Snow, CA
Marti Hubbell, A Timeless Dance, CA
Karen Hull, What About Me, Australia
Dino Idrizbegovic, Her Cat, Croatia
Tracy Johnson, Strawberry Tree Frogs, WI
Kate Lagaly, CPSA, Thoughtful Germination, NC
Lenore Lancaster, String Theory, WV
Shirley Levy, Golden Web, NM
Erwin Lewandowski, Falling Water IX, MI
Amy Lindenberger, CPSA, Peony Dreams, OH
Carol Maltby, Alyssa on Carousel, NY
Heather Mckey, Paradise Lost, CA
Karen Merritt, Immortal, NE
Kathie Miranda, Prayer Plant, CT
Mari K Moehl, CPSA, You’re Nex,t FL
Eileen Nistler, CPSA, The Silver, WY
Ester Roi, CPSA, River Odyssey, CA
Susan Rubin, Mesmerize: Echinops tjanschanicus, Globe Thistle, CO
Kay Schmidt, CPSA, Koi Geisha, OR
Carol Scott, Crystal #22-Chandelier, LA
Holly Siniscal, Bluebird, NV
John Smolko, CPSA, Audrey, No. 1 (Senior), OH
Eileen Sorg, CPSA, CPX, Yoga for Beginners, WA
Betzi Stein, Massage Series 4, CA
Arlene Steinberg, CPSA, Collected Memories, NY
Sheila Theodoratos, CPSA, Patterns at Rest, WA
Sherri VanSchaick, Sunday Market Sunflowers, AZ
Art Venti, The Last Man on Earth, CA
Scott Williams, Apples On Plate With Knife, TN
Charlotte Yealey, Zebra Look, PA

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