2012 Represent Brooklyn Art Exhibition

The Rising Arts Gallery is pleased to announce the “2012 Represent Brooklyn Art Exhibition“, scheduled for April 28th to May 19th 2012. The exhibition features selected paintings, photography, sculptures and mixed media art by artists who work and live in and whose artwork is inspired by Brooklyn.

The Rising Arts Gallery, 35 Claver Place #1, Brooklyn, NY
Opening Reception: Saturday April 28, 3pm – 8pm
Exhibition Dates: April 28 to May 19
Closing Reception: Saturday May 19, 3pm – 8pm

Jurors included: Danny Simmons, Maribeth Flynn, Wendy Jones, and Ellie Balk.

“Represent Brooklyn” is an exhibition designed to bring together artists, art collectors, art organizations and community members who live and work in Brooklyn. The featured paintings, sculptures, photographs, prints, and mixed media artwork provide a glimpse of the diversity of creative style and visual presentation found in Brooklyn.

Participating artists:

Ann Cofta, Answerd Stewart, Ava Tomlinson, Beryl Brenner, Christina Massey, Douglas Bick, Douglas Newton, Evan Zelermyer, Fedrecia Hartley, Felicia Walcott, Jackie Weisberg, Jade Doskow, James Cantirino, Jeanette Koumjian, Joe Linhart, John Azelvandre, Johnny Lowe, Kathleen Newton, Kenneth Hutley, Kristian Holcomb, Laura Fantini, Lavon Leak, Maho Laplanta, Mahtab Aslani, Melanie Kozol, Michael Bates, Michaele Chapoteau, Ramona Candy, Robert Reid, Robin Michals, Ronald Peters, Shani Jamila, Susan Allbert, Thomas Kwak, Wynne Noble, YK Hong.

TRA Host Committee (Christian McKenzie, Damani Bediako, Kamla Roberts)
For more information visit: www.therisingartsgallery.com
Tel: (718) 498-6082
Gallery Hours: Sunday – Wednesday (By Appointment)
Thursday & Friday, 4-7pm, Saturday, 1-5pm

Directions: C or S Train to Franklin Ave, 35 Claver Place #1, Brooklyn NY 11238 (Between Fulton St. & Jefferson Ave)

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