Corpus at Museu Nacional José Malhoa

Museu Nacional José Malhoa
Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
July 2 – September 4, 2016

Opening: Saturday, July 2, 6 pm

The National Museum José Malhoa, one of the most emblematic museums of art in Portugal, in the beautiful city of Caldas da Rainha, invited artists to think about the body language as a social and political construction. Inspired by the work of Malhoa’s in the important collection of the museum, they had to counterpoise the challenges of contemporary society.

What are todays’ challenges posed to women and men? Each society has “its” own body. As language, this body is subjected to a social path. This follows rules, rituals of interaction and daily theatricality. The contemporary body and the imaginary relative to it differ from any other historical period. We have never been worried as much as nowadays about beauty, youth and pleasure. The eternal search for hedonism is presented also as a decisive factor in this process.

This exhibition is part of the She Project (developed since 2014) and is curated by Genoveva Oliveira.


alittleofyou-laurafantiniI am so thrilled that I was asked to be part of this exhibition with my piece called “A little of you” (image on the left). This work metaphorically represents the feminine and transcends its figurative connotation to embody symbols that will last beyond the physical lifetime of the subject itself and communicate diverse emotions such as: passion, love, loneliness, struggle, intimacy, and beauty.

“Corpus” opens July 2nd at 6PM with a performance of the artist Monica Mura , followed by a guided tour by the curator Genoveva Oliveira.

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