Laura Fantini: Hope and a New Beginning

Crary Art Gallery is pleased to announce Laura Fantini: Hope and a New Beginning. Seeds and plant forms poetically rendered in colored pencil, a solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based Italian artist Laura Fantini, who presents a new body of work that includes drawings from her new series of seeds called “Hope”.

For the past two decades, Ms. Fantini’s artistic practice has been exclusively dedicated to colored pencils. In the last few years, she has devoted herself to the rendering of simple still-life objects found in nature. Her work is smooth and appears to be almost photographic at a first look. However, a closer look reveals great intricacy of detail. From thousands upon thousands of precise, distinct, cross-hatched pencil-strokes, Fantini builds up rich tones.

“Hope and a new beginning” includes colored pencil drawings from a new series, “Hope”. Here the power of seeds plays a fundamental role. It is a positive and optimistic message because seeds represent hope and a new beginning. They are an integral part of who we are and emblematic of birth and growth. They are small, but complicated and mysterious, and what they do is extraordinary and magnificent. Without seeds life would be threatened, from human beings to plants and animals. Sometimes a seed is all that remains of a plant. It is the beginning and the end, but also the hope for the next generation. Through these detailed small drawings, the viewer will come to realize how a pencil for an artist can be as powerful as a tiny seed in nature.

This exhibition includes a new series of drawings of seeds (10×10 inches – 16×16 inches, framed size) found mostly in US and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but also Italy.

Click here for the Press Release

When: March 11 – April 1, 2017
Gallery Hours: Thursday 12-6 pm, Friday 12-8 pm, Saturday 12-6 pm, Sunday 12-4 pm
Where: Crary Art Gallery, 511 Market Street, Warren, PA 16365
Admission: free
Opening reception: Saturday, March 11, 2017, 6 to 8 pm – 7 pm artist talk

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